Tuesday, October 16, 2012

16 Oct 2012 Sammy celebrates his birthday

We started off this morning with file folder games, mostly matching upper case and lower case letters or matching numbers with pictures.  Everyone was happy to do that and we finished in quick time.
Some are more exciting to use than others..
Then we moved on to the skeletons-appropriate since  Halloween is in the air and the scareyness of graveyards and bones.

They really did very well, considering that there were a lot of pieces to put together.
Then it was down to the playroom where seats were arranged for the "puppet" show.

A lamb, a girl, a black bird, a  tiger and a bunny.  The story was catchy and decided they could perform again for us on Thursday.

This is the  Halloween, ghosts "I spy"  bottles.  I hope they will be shared with parents and siblings.
We used this dice game to practicing letter recognition and the bonus was a handful of skittles.  They are learning their numbers very well.
We ended with Seal's Silly sandwich and his friends, skunk, snake, squirrel, sloth and salamander and the sandwich made of speghetti, spinach, stew and strawberry ice cream.  Sound good??  Not to the kids.  We had a good laugh about Seals Silly Sandwich.
Another prek day  The kids are getting better about putting their shoes in the box, taking turns, and keeping the noise down.  (Do I dare say that out loud?)   Gee, I love Prek and this great bunch of kids!

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