Saturday, September 29, 2012

Letter A Ants Sept 25-27 2012

Thursday when the kids first got to school, a different game was placed before them.  Brigham got the pegs and a pattern for him to complete.  He was able to get this done quickly.

Brooklyn was given the matching cards, and she was able to get them matched up very quick, too
The bears were strung by Cooper and it was done with accuracy, with no help
Sammy had a number puzzle and was able to put the numbers from 1 to 5 together quickly
This activity was to match the color of jacket to the color on the gingerbread man. 
The color word is written on the belly of the gingerbread man.  This game also has a number on the foot of the gingerbread man and the same number of buttons on the jacket, so it can be used for two games.
This game is matching the opposites, such as light and dark, day and night, back and front.  Ivy had no trouble matching them

It is important that they learn to stay on the lines and Ivy does it very nicelyl
This is the bathroom the boys use and I just had to show the parents how well they get the task done before we have our snacks.
The girls have a smaller area to get their hands washed, but they still get the job done.
Each of the children have a caricature of themselves that are on the wall to the play room.  It is always fun to listen to them pointing out who is who and giving it a pat to show it is theirs. 

The end of another week!! We even took a walk outside to see that we have two varieties of ants that live on our property.  Those nasty little red ones that sting, and the big black ones.
  More fun things learned and more activities to help them grow!! Several were rewarded for their behavior this week, and I am pleased with their growth in several areas.  I hope parents can see their changes.  Yes, it was a good week at this PreK

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