Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Working with our motor skills

This morning as the children arrived, I gave each of them a game that helped with their motor skills.  The following are some that you might try at home.  This first one has cards that show in what order the bears are to be strung onto the string.  Ivy had this one, and did amazing which shows that she works independently by herself, is able to string the bears and is good at patterning.
 This next one connects two pieces that are opposites, such as night and day.  Cooper had this one, and he got almost all of them correct. He had no problem putting the puzzle pieces together and was able to tell the opposites
 This one is putting these little clip clothes pins on to a file card.  I was truly astonished at how quickly he was able to pinch each on to the card.  With most little preschoolers, this is one of the hardest things to do.
 This is a block puzzle that requires the right square pieces to match .  Brigham did not have any trouble with this one

Brook was given this one.  She was given a pattern card that she was to copy with these pegs and the little peg board.  She had a hard time with this, so this tells me that this will be one area that we will need to work on in class.
 Avery was given the I Spy game and she had no problem squeezing the bag, looking for each of the items.
Our first value for the year is Austus, who is respectful.  On Thursday we will talk more about Austus and give some examples of just what it means to be respectful.

 We made this little word strip that Says treat others as you would have them to treat you.
 So far we have learned where the following states appear on the map: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.  Today we talked about the state bird, and  the state flower  So far they are not having any trouble pointing to where the states are.
 Today was the introduction to our first letter "C" (see) and its sound (Cah)  As of today, we will be referring to the letters by their sounds so when you talk about letters, please try to remind them of their sounds.     They love making a "human" letter.                                                                                                                                                               

Brooklyn brought one of her favorite snacks today, the carrot, which is also a letter "C" word and a cookie.

 Sam likes working at the tool cabinet and putting the plastic screws into the proper place and then using the hammers

This little games helps them to identify their colors, and they try to find the mouse when it is hidden behind a particular house.

Brook and Coop held the books that we read today.  One of the favorites is the Berensteins A book and Brook chose the Snowmen at night.
Another good day at preschool and a fun time was had by all.

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