Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter A activities

 The first activity this morning was to take a deck of cards and find all of the cards of a particular suit.  Each child was able to do this.  I did not have them put them in order today but will at another time, as well as play some games that will use addition and  subtraction.  It is good for a child to be able to quickly think value of numbers whether they are higher or lower.  This will be a good way to learn that.
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 Next I gave each child a upper case letter card and they were to place the magnetic letter or letter circle on their cards.  Cooper was the first to fill his card for the circle letters and Ivy was the first to fill her card.

We went into the kitchen and each child was given a paint apron to use whien they painted todayAdd caption
We have been collecting bottle caps and today were able to use a variety of the caps to decorate.  They started out with great designs and once they looked at some of the others, they turned from this. . . . .


 and this.
My friend, Judy Chaney, sent these cute cups and plates for the PreKinders  They really liked them

New cards were put up on the wall for them to fill.  I would almost be sure that a couple more of the kids will have theirs filled on Thursday. 
In the event you are wondering what a child must do to get a sticker?  We made a partial list at the beginning of school and a sticker can either be put on or taken away according to their behavior.  This a short list:
finishing a project, helping others, raising hands to get attention, cleaning their area and putting their tools away, no running, being quiet, and ,well, you get the idea.  They are learning and things are going quite well in prek.  So another day is over, and I think that we did well.  We even went outside to look at the ants, Our A letter subject for the day.   Thanks kids for another good day.

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