Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter "O" September 11 and thirteen 2012 Under the sea

Sorry I did not get anything blogged on Tuesday.  This week we are on the letter O and that means Ocean as well as Octopus so I always do crafts and hang up my "under the sea" bath curtain.
This is the inspiration for the craft for the day.  Cooper and I even pinned some octopus on the curtain and we will add more things as we go along.  The following are scenes that they wanted to depict.  The sand was from California.  My daughter in law brought some back from the beach  The blue sea weed is from the curtain and the rest is the kids  own creation.

This is a little otter at the top of the pate connecting water   They each made double c's sidewas to show the ripples and waves of the water. Thus the letter "o" and otter
 Then we did a little math paper.  They were to count how many things were in the block and then circle the correct number.  We will need to work on number recognition for some of these kids
And for our letter "O" here is Olive the Octopus
 day of juggling.
I read the book There was an old lady who swallowed a bell, which so far has been requested every day.

Thursday morning
I prepared the items that would go into our under the sea (I spy) bags.  They had a lot of fun with these and I hope they   last long enough to enjoy them.

 Then we worked on their recoginzation of lower case and upper case  letters. The circles are the lower case letters and the foam shapes have the upper case letters written on them for a match. Each was a different shape.

 Thursday morning we got our blocks out and each was told to count out ten.  After they each had their blocks, some build things with them, then I asked each one to remove a certain number and asked how many were left in their pile.  It was interesting to see if they could remember their numbers well enough to do take aways.  Yes, we will be working on this, too.

Snack time in preschool everyone likes prezels and cheese.

And then we read/sang this old man. The kids enjoyed this one with hopes of reading more next week

When the others were gone I had Sammy hold up his In the sea bag for everyone to see.   another week of preschool gone by, and a good week was had by all!!

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