Thursday, August 30, 2012

Families and homes are imortant!

I knew that we would need a little more time today, so as the kids came in I gave them a long sheet of paper and cutouts of girls, boys, moms, dads and dogs.  Each one was to paste these figures onto the long sheet to show their family and tell us a little bit about them.  It is always fun to listen to kids tell about their family.
We, of course, went through our morning schedule with the pledge of the flag, the calendar, the weather, and of going the alphabet and the vowels.  Then, it was back to building our families.

Each one of the kids is unique in their presentation, but they were proud to tell about a sister or brother and their pets.
They washed their hands quickly and we had a few minutes to go into the front room and look to see if any of the birds were at the feeder.  We were able to see the hummingbirds, which are always the favorite of the kids.

Because we are talking about families and houses, when we went to the playroom, I pulled out four houses for the kids.  It is always fun to see what they do in their house.  Cooper and Avery wanted to be together in one house.  Avery is a little mother, with putting baby in the space, making sure that she used the little vacuum sweeper to clean it, and talking to Cooper about the things that need to be done around the house. Brook and Ivy were in together with their babies; Brigham took the phone and some cars into his space.  He made calls to Sammy, who also had a phone and cars, and then they tried to call the others, who just had to pretend they had phones.  It was really cute watching them play together as though they were neighbors and friends.

 We made houses out of paper bags and discussed ways we would know how to get to their house if we had never been there before.  I said, maybe we should put our addresses on our houses and Brigham said that he did not have an address.  I told him that his mother had given me an address and told him what it is.  I said, Brigham, you live on 8th street.  I live on 7th street, that means that we don't live far away.  Oh, he said, I did not know that!!  So, parents, go over your address often with these little ones so that they know where they live.

They are always anxious to have books read to them, so We first read the Berenstains A book.  It is an easy read and I know when we get to the letter A, that we will be rereading it.  Then I read the Stranger in the woods and I personally love the book because of the natural pictures of wild life in the forest.  I think it is one book that they will be choosing again.
Well, another week gone by for us.  Families are forever and important to us and we are all blessed to have a home to live in, for the moment.  It is great to have these kids in preschool this year and to complete just one more day!!  Avery was the prize winner for August.  She is helpful, gets her work done and helps the others when they need help.  Congratulations Avery!!  Who will be get our next prize?

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