Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Body

We talked about this wonderful gift that our Heavenly Father gave to us--this Earthly Body.  I told them about that special place a mother grows the seed that becomes a beautiful little baby.  I showed them the way the baby grows and how thankful we are when a new baby comes to our house.  We talked about our hair
and our eyes

Then we talked about our teeth.  Things we should eat and things we need to do to keep our teeth healthy and strong.  Here is June showing off her first set of teeth

 I told them how important our teeth are in helping us speak--the sounds of the different words
 I gave them each a pair of nice white teeth, and this set of awfully decayed teeth and gums  Sam and
 Chase wanted to show us those awful looking teeth--they thought they were "cool"
June looked in a mirror and decided she wanted to show off those nice white teeth she has
 as did Jane

and also Tripp also showed us his smile!!
I read thisbpook by Tedd Arnold about a little boy who was just sure that his body was falling apart from the inside out, starting with his losing of hair and belly button fuzz.
We talked about our whole body--our blood, heart, lungs, skeleton, skin and just about everything this fabulous body has.

Then I gave them a worksheet with the different parts of the body.  They pasted the parts to the shell of a body.
 Here Chase has his finished
When we were finished I had them use their fine motor skills by using this clothes pin to pick up the items in the dish.  Of course we had a few of the pins break, but that is the trying experience of pinching something together to pick up the items.  There was a little ninja soldier, a lizard, a button, a small eraser
Then I took some of these items, placed them on a tray, covered them and had them figure out which item was missing.  They all did really well with this.

When the room was cleaned up and everyone had collected their backpacks, we headed to the family room to wait for the parents and to listen to the "bells"  There is a little play area where I have put a Fisher Price barn and animals, some blocks, and these trucks.  The boys especially like this place.
We had a great day in PreK today and I hope they can tell their parents just how thankful they are for the wonderful gift they have been given--a body!!

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