Thursday, August 14, 2014

safety rules


Today we talked about the safety rules in life.  In specific, we talked about what we would do if there was a fire.  First, I emptied a puzzle of a fire truck on to the table

This was another practice time with putting a puzzle together--learning to work together and cooperating to finish a project.  Each child was given six pieces.  We looked at the box to see what the picture was to look like and pointed out different things to look for.  The blue sky, the yellow uniforms the firemen wore, the red truck, the black tires and the green grass.  We finished the puzzle.
Then a picture of a fire truck was given to teach one and they were to color them (I had copied a picture of what the Mesa Fire trucks look like), cut them out, paste on the number to call (911) and pasted magnets on the back for them  to put on their refrigerator.  We had a phone and  each one called 911 to practice in the event that they need it.

Then we were off to the kitchen for snacks, played a game of I spy while we ate and then headed off to the play room.  Here is Tripp in his hard hat playing with the cars mat

 Jane and June were busy in the kitchen cooking up some kind of activity
Chase found the dragon costume
 and June found some pink slippers

This is the first of many times we will use this activity.  On the paper are just a lot of black dots.  On each of the dots the children were to put a small amount of glue.  Object, to teach them they do not have to squeeze hard to get a little bit of glue on their papers.  They put on the glue and then were given some wooden shapes to place on their dots.  Then they were asked to make butterflies by pinching  squares of colored tissue paper  to make a little butterfly, and put them on the paper.

Chase was the last to finish gluing on his items

While he was finishing, I read this book "Never talk to strangers  to the children

 And finished our day with Safety Sam and basic rules of safety.
 I hope you will go over some of the basic rules with them to enforce them.
Another good day with these cute kiddoes.  It's great being a teacher!!


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