Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Families and home addresses

This day we all gathered together and talked about families.  We have a banner that tells what each of the letters of family means   F is for Family  F is for my whole family    A is for the advice you give me   M is for the many ways you care   I is for the interests that we share  L is fot the Love that comes from you   Y is YES I love you too
!     F-A-M-I-L-Y  that's you     We pasted little boy and girl and parents on the page with each of their family members.

 We went over the vowels today.  The long vowels are the sounds of the letters  the short vowels are a as in apple  e  as in elephant  I as in pin   o as in octopus  u as in umbrella

 Jane found some green shoes today
Chase brought his spider man action figure and he and Sam played with the Bat Cave
 Tripp found this truck
 When we played the game with the homes and addresses, I showed the kids how to use a paper clip to clip the pieces of the game together.  Jane quickly found out that if you pull too hard it takes the shape from the clip.  So after giving her another one, I helped each one put the pieces into the clip.
We played this game: on the left side of the page is the picture of each child's house.   these are the cards that we used for a match game that the children played.  There were two of each house and they were to find the mate for each one.  Now, this game when a card was drawn that showed a house they were to put a skittle on the space beside the house.  Then on the right or the last column, they were to match the address to the house.  Each child was to tell us when their house number was picked and point to their housel 
 These were the cards we clipped together--the house address.
I read them the Book Tell Me Again about the night I was born by Jamie Lee Curtis and we talked about the day each was born.  I told them that when our children had a birthday, I always told them about the happenings of that day and how excited we were to have a new baby in our home.  It is important to tell our children each day that they are special--they were planned to come to our house and that We love them.

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