Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Letter U" Umbrella

Another "U" day and for show and tell today Janaye brought her princess "umbrella"  which was perfect to start our day

 Joey brought his helacopter
 Hyrum brought his football
 Lily brought a snake
 Sam brought his angry bird
I thought that since we are struggling a little bit with our alphabet, that we would play BINGO and the kids did amazing

They used push pins to trace out their letter "U" and they are really getting good at using the push pins now.

When they came in this morning they were chanting  "A, E, I, O, U"  so we went over our vowels once more and they can say them,though we need to work on recognizing all of them!!  I was very happy!!
We colored a rainbow umbrella

There are a couple of things that we are now concentrating on and this was one of them.  Because they were behaving so well this morning, they wanted to play with the blocks.  This is one of their favorite things as they can make them into a farm, a battlefield, or a castle.  And the best part was, they stayed with this for most of the time and put them away when they were finished

 The girls did their "girl" thing with their babies and strollers
 Hyrum played with the super heros in the "Bat Cave"
Another thing that we are working on is "Having Good Manners"  We talk about it when we are having snacks, when we are in play time and in the classroom.  I encourage you to work with them at home with their  "Please, thank you, excuse me; taking turns, sharing and just plain being nice
 These are two books that explain it quite well.
This has been one of our quieter, more cooperative days, and I just felt plain happy with the kids today.  I gave them little umbrellas, they got to eat skittles and they had a good day.  Yet another PreK successful day.

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