Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter "H" hopping, hats, happy

Tuesday, and our first day back after the Christmas break.  The children worked with file folder games
One game had Christmas trees with shapes they needed to match; another was snowflakes with dots that needed matched to numbers,; another was just Christmas, or winter scenes they needed to match and yet another were suns matching upper case letters to lower case letters.
We sang "If you are happy and you know it"  They wanted to put a puzzle together so to get out the wiggles, we worked with puzzles.

After play time today, we looked through the hats collection to see who could tell wore the various hats.  They were: a sombrerro, a sailor hat, a wizards hat, a farmer straw hat; viking; fireman; pirate; elf; Santa safety hard hat and safety hat for biking.

When we came back to the preschool room, each child was given 10 pennies which they flipped to see if they were heads or tails.  Interesting to see them do this, and we will do it again on Thursday
Then Miss Jo read two books to them, after singing the monkies songs: Hair, and Hands by Aliki.  They had fun with these books and talked about the many things we do with our hands as well as colors, length, and types of hair.

Joey and Sammy showed off their new angry bird back packs, and
That was our first day back.
Hopefully thursday I will be able to figure out how to get pictures to go with these activities.
Remember  Letter "H"

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