Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lette "U", up, down, under over

This morning we pldeged the flag, recited our scripture, added numbers to the calendar and sang the song "Days of the Week"  Our days numbers are printed on either a snowman or a snowflake  One of the children was concerned that it was still Christmas.  I explained that these are winter things because we are still in winter, though the holidays are gone
 Each of the child was given a turn to point at the letters already used, and were rewarded when they were able to tell what each letter was, when asked.
 As I mentioned before, we are starting to learn our vowels, as with this week "U" we have now gotten so we should be able to recognize them as vowels.
Sammy brought this little car that flips as a show and tell
 Joey brought his gun
Next we talked about "under" and over and played a game and one of the actions they were to do was go under the table!
Then we read the Gingerbread Man
And we had a "maze" worksheet that led the gingerbread man from
 We had to work a little and retell the story so they could get this one done.

 We had our break and I had promised the kids that I would take our robot cleaner to the playroom to clean up the floor.  They had the most fun chasing that robot around and picking up things or putting down things to see what it would do.  Another lesson learned--up, down, and under chairs, etc.

This is the U book we read to them today
 Joey earned his prize today because he was helpful and pretty much the only one who kept "cool" today
 Miss Jo also read this version of the Gingerbread man (cowboy) and the kids liked it
Another busy day in preK  They especially liked when I had them keep under the blanket.  Kids love that thrill and these are no exception.  A sort of peek a boo game  "Where are those silly kids"
Can't wait til Thursday

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