Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter "R" rhyming words and rainbows

This morning started off well with the pledge and the callendar
Then on to the favorite time of the day "Show and Tell"  Sam showed this big tractor and how it dug up the dirt, then shoveled it with the bucket into a waiting truck.  Look at those tires
 Janaye made her some airplanes
 and she also brought this little note pad with its feathery pen
We worked on the colors of the rainbow
And when Sam finished he worked  with the bands making shapes on the geoboard
The last part of the day was Miss Jo's show and tell about her trip to Disney World in Florida.  She showed her pictures of the wild life there--giraffes, elephants, lions, rhinocerous

And she told the rhyming story of Pat and her fat cat
And we also talked about manners--what we should say, when. . . .
We have been spending quite a bit of time with good manners.  I hope that it shows at home. . . .
Lots of good lessons and fun at PreK

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