Thursday, January 9, 2014

Letter "H", happy, helping, hearing, hats

This morning when we all got together, put our happy faces on our right thumbs, saluted the flag, and sang our Days of the Week song, put new numbers on our calendar , we had one big happy group!!
Everyone had things to share from Christmas and Janaye shows her book to us.  It is an activity book with an etch a sketch activity at the very top of the book.  On the bottom of the book there are activities to learn also.  What a great gift!

 The kids were each given a dry erase board and we drew lines that will help them make the letters
 H works hard to make his lines
 J finds that if you make a forward line, and a backward line plus a straight across line, you get the uppercase letter A
 Then the kids wanted to flip the coins to see how many heads and tails they could get

 Play time the building blocks came out and they stretched them the length of the room.  They said they had a pattern, but I guess it was "their" pattern
 When we returned to the classroom we talked about another "H" word-Hawaii and how when tourists visit the island they are presented with a flowered necklace called a lei and are welcomed with "Aloha"  So, each of the children made necklaces

 Miss Jo had fun with a finger play about  "hot dogs in a frying pan"  They loved it and repeated it several times
 She read the "Old hat, New Hat book to them
 At Christmas time I have bells that play the carols, and the kids love to watch them to see which ones are playing the song.  Along with watching, they dance to the music
 Another fun day at preK

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