Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letter "I" and fun with insects

Miss Jo Dee was in charge today!!  She started the kids out with a little paper work using the short i and short o
 They talked about "i" and insects and put a variety of "bugs" in the middle of the table so they could mix and match and identify them
 We made a spider web on the floor and the children stood on a mat and threw the insects into the web to see if they could get them in the very middle. Joey has a shot
 Sam has a try at it
 Then comes Janaye
 It is always a good time to see if the children can "Follow directions" and this game really puts them on their toes.
 Another good book (Clap Your Hands) in following instructions is fun because they get to march, clap, make noises,
 Sam is showing his sad face
 They also colored a picture with clouds shaped like the upper and lower case "I"'s and they sure were proud of that!!
Here is Lily caught in the spider's web
 Janaye is caught

 Joey is crawling out of the web
Everyone had a really fun day!! They had an extra visitor today, my Son's baby girl!!  Kids always love to have babies come to visit.
Next week we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Maybe some pie making!!

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