Tuesday, November 12, 2013

L. ladybugs, leaves and leopards

This morning after opening exercises we gave each of the children a template of the upper and lower case of letter L and with it small squares with little lady bugs on them which they were to place on the letters.  It is amazing how well they followed the instructions and even though some of them overlaid the pictures, they were on the inside of the lines and all did "mighty fine"

While some of the children finished their ladybug "L"  Miss Jo read them about the letter L and the lamb and other things beginning with L
 Hyrum at his task
 finishing up
 Lily finishes her L

 Then Miss Jo read a poem about leaves that fell from the tree.  As she told of each color, the children colored a leaf of the same.
 soon all the colors were done  red yellow, orange, green and brown
 Then she read another leaf book

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 These are the human letter "L"   The boys had a fun time making the upper case and the girls made the lower case
 Then they made the letter C  letter O and had a great time
 Before we went to the play room we went on a nature hunt to find leaves that we can use Thursday to make pictures
 Janaye and her baby
 After play time they were given their "lollipops"  and we worked on putting a puzzle together
 This is the new one we just got and they worked well together to finish it

 On to the last of our activities  On the circles of this leopard are numbers from one to ten and letters that we have studied so far C, O, G, D, S, L  and the best part is that they got to place the skittles on the circles and then eat them when the game was over.
 Miss Jo read a story about the pumpkin patch, so we went out to our pumpkin patch and counted three little ones that we are hoping will finish growing

 This was our last book on flowers and trees and we will use it again when we talk more about the leaves we collected.

Our prize winner today was Janaye who filled her behavioral chart   another fun day at PreK and learing more about numbers and letters.

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