Thursday, November 14, 2013

L words

This morning we started to put the letters we learned so far, together to form easy words.  We discovered that we will need to work more on the sounds of the letters.  They knew the letters, but when asked to sound the word out, it was difficult.  Lesson learned. . . .
the first word was gas, log, doll, dog, dad, and sad.  The pasted the picture next to the words
 It was also an excercise in cutting and pasting and they are all improving with each activity

 On Tuesday we went on a nature hung and found some leaves of different colors and so today the kids were to make something from the leaves they had collected. 
 We added a few leaf stickers, some markers and they had a good time

 There were lots of leaves left over, but they had fun collecting them and using them today
 When we got together at the kitchen table, I made a lava lamp project for them to see.  First we put a little over half of the bottle with oil.  Then water to about an inch from the top.  When I asked what color they wanted, they all agreed on green, so we mixed some yellow and blue together and there was green.  Then we added an alka seltzer (divided in fourths) and one at a time a quarter of the circle was dropped into the bottle.  They asked what would happen if we dropped all the pieces together, and the second time, we did that.  The water turned out very murky and it wasn't as fun to watch.

 We also discovered that Sam's shirt had some of the letters that we have learned--G O A L
 After our play time the kids came up to color a picture with strawberries, blossoms and lady bugs
 Janae brought a microphone for us to see for her "show and tell"
And  Miss Jo read The Big Red Dog and thanksgiving and Who Loves Fall!

Another fun day--we also tried to put together a 64 piece puzzle and we will finish it on tuesday.  Another lesson learned. . . this sized puzzled takes more time and concentration!!
PreK--a place for learning and growing.

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