Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to a new year, new month and new things

Just to see what the kids remembered after their two weeks gone from prek, we reviewed the pledge, which they all remembered.  We recited the scripture John 3:16, and they all remembered that.  Then we went to the calendar and posted a new month-January.  We sang the song for the days of the week, and some of the kids were a little sketchy on that, so we, one by one, said the days.  And, we got a new year 2013!

 Then we moved over to the map and placed a new state--Oregon--on the chart for them to learn.  We now know, Pennsylvania (where I was born) Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and now Oregon.  I think it is great that they have held on to the locations and names.
Remember, I said, we are working on the sounds of the vowels and this sheet they said the word of the object and then the vowel associated with it.  If you go over this with them, remember the child in the bed, is "ill".

 Introducing the new letter of the month, On the walls were put pictures of "bears" and Bugs
Each child was to find a bug and bring it to me.  Then we opened a book on insects, or bugs, and talked a little bit about the various bugs we have in our world.  We had a house fly, a mosquito, a lady bug, a spider, a butterfly and an ant. 

 We followed an ant to its den, a bee to its hive, etc seeing if they could follow the dotted lines. Our fastest and best was Ivy, then Cooper.  It is good to see how much more control they have now than five months ago

 Brigham concentrates and finishes well.
The kids forget which day is show and tell, so we let the ones who brought  them tell what they wanted.  This is Brigham's magazine about lego kids.  He "really likes" it.  Of course, it was a hit.
Cooper got an angry bird from his sister and was very happy with it.  He also told about the game he 
plays on his computer or on his Dad's ipod.

Ivy showed us her headgear with its flashlight on it and the kids were really interested in it.
 While it was on the table she turned on the light
 Then she put it on her head and turned it on.  Powerful little headgear there!!
During our playtime, we concentrated on letter "B" playthings and we were building things out of the blocks and leggos and had a great time.
AAhh the imagination of these little kids!!  All in all, another great day at PreK

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