Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just before Christmas and all through PreKschool

The last day of PreK before the winter break, we tried to do something in each category.  This first picture is a dice game that we play with one or two die.  Two dice that add up to a number, this gives them a chance to do some addition.  What two numbers will equal 10--5+5, 6+4.  They put a skittle on each one as they got all of the numbers filled.

 The second thing we did, now that we are really focusing on our vowels, is to say the word and cut the vowels out, placing the appropriate one to spell the word.  In this case, c a t, c o t, c u t.  I have been focusing on the recognition of the letters, thus cutting and pasting is easier than trying to get them to actually write the letters.  In time they will have better control of their writing skills.

 Under the colored dots are the letters of their names, but they got to decorate their trees with whatever they
wanted and sometimes covered over their name letters.  They had fun doing it, though and that is the important thing.

 All around the yard I put these little reindeer and they had to follow the trail I made with flour from each reindeer to another collecting the colors and numbers from each
 The flour did not fool them, as I told them to pretend that this was snow.  In Arizona we do not have the white stuff, so I improvised.  That was one of the things they had to do, was to follow the trail from one deer to another.

 They always want to play freeze tag, so I made some white pom poms and they each got two to throw at each other.  I am not sure they get the whole "freeze" concept, but they had fun with the "snowballs"

The kids sat in a circle and we played "Who stole the candy from the candy jar??
 One of the kids was sent out of the room and another got a candy cane from the bucket, trying to conceal it , hoping to do it so well that it was not found.
After we played, we passed out a stocking for each and their parents picked them up to spend the next two weeks with family.
Just another great day of learning and playing to make the preK experience a good one.

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