Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nests and numbers

This morning we waited as the children started to make their appearance.  Sammy got here first and said "where are all the kids, Gramma?"  He is not always the first to arrive so it was a surprise to him.  As each child came in, they were given another hidden picture page to find the hidden items incorporated into the picture. The kids are amazing at this activity so you will be seeing more of them.
 We talked about how the magpie taught the other birds to make a nest.  Each bird took the portion of the information magpie told them and flew away and made their nests with their information.
We got their jackets on and started on our nature walk to find some things that birds might use to "feather their nests". 
One of the kids found a feather and I told them to look for more, because this is especially good for the birds to make a nice warm nest

Ivy found a nice thin "twig"  which would be good to intertwine with the "mud"

The fallen leaves from the neighbors tree would be excellent to weave into the nest too

A bird could tear up this receipt too
 WE also found some things that would not be good to put into the nest,  One was bigger pieces of tree branches and some pieces of hard plastic.  It sure would make it uncomfortable for the birds.  When we finished discussing what goes into the nest, each was given a little nest and some of the things we found outside, they put into their little nest  along with a little egg and a colored bird.

  It is important that they know the difference between numbers and letters and this worksheet was helpful.  They were to circle the numbers and put an x over the letter  Then we read off everything on the sheet so we could tell what those numbers and letters were.
I have these big plastic letters from 1-10 and we looked at them to see what each one was.  Then I lined them up-out of order- down the middle of the table and as I drew a card with the number on it, they each had to look for it and grab it as quickly as they could.
It is always good to see them work together and learn good sportsmanship along the way to learning the numbers.

The highlight of the day is always show and tell. Today we worked on helping them know what to say.  For instance, this gun is is silver with a white handle.  It does not shoot bullets, but on the side of the gun it opens and caps can be inserted.  The caps smell funny, she said, but it is fun to play with.
Once again, Spiderman was of interest to the kids and C  shot out the webs and let us listen to what Spiderman has to say.
The morning always goes too quickly, but we are able to get some things done.  One thing we did do was show pictures that they had to identify as beginning sounds of N.  they were given the happy face and sad face and when the sound was  "NNNNNNN" they held up the happy face.  If it was  another letter they had to make the sound and tell us what the item was.    I think they are learning well, and I will be happy to hear them sound out words for themselves soon.
Thanks moms for your support.  Just another day at PreK and a good time for learning was  had by all

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