Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meet the teacher day August 2012

What a wonderful time we had on our "Meet our teacher" day at GranJan's Preschool

 This is a great book to start off the school year.  Chester is going to his first day of school and he learns a good lesson from his mother--I love you--and with this kiss I give you in the palm of your hand, you can feel my love with you always.
 I love you

With some preparation before the children arrived, the flour, and cookie cutters were all set out

Rolling pins were ready to be used (yes, they were all mine)

 I baked and frosted one for them to have a look at--I ate it too, after the children left!

As the children arrived, I took a picture of each one!  And what a cute bunch of 4 year olds!!

 After a short presentation of the coming years activities and procedures, we were out to the kitchen to roll out the cookies, frost them and eat those sugary treats.
 Some of the kids decided that they liked the unbaked dough just about as much as the baked cookies.
All in  all, it was a good introduction, and I, for one, am looking forward to being with this little group of kids for the next 9 months.  Welcome to GranJan's preschool, kids!!

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