Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our last day of preschool, YAY!!

Our last day of preschool for 2011-2012 school year. I told the boys that they had a final exam.  They were given about 10 minutes to complete each task.  This one was a math quiz.  They had to paste the cut out half circle with the number of dots, to the number.

 Then they were given several pictures that had the "color" words written next to them.  They had to choose the crayon with the color that matched. Then they colored each picture
 Jack liked the cutting exercise
 Oakley finished his in good time
Devin putting the last color onto the paper

Devin with his cap and diploma
Jack with his cap and diploma

 I wanted to have a picture with each boy  but who was going to take the pictures??  Well, each got a turn!!

And now the fun begins with the pool, water guns, bubbles, and lots of good fruit bars!!  The end of a good school year!!

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