Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A popping, hopping, clapping, wiggling good time!

After the morning program of saluting the flag, repeating John 3:16, changing the date on the calendar and going outside to see what the weather is for the day, the kids sat down at the table and we worked on a paper showing the directions of left to right.  Everyone is learning their right hand has the "smellies" on it, it makes it easier to remember which direction is left.  They did very well with their papers.  After that, they were getting a little restless, so we moved right into the music of the day, and they were each given some of the popping packing pieces.  We sang the song, "All around the cobblers bench, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought it was all in fun, pop goes the weasel.  They were then allowed to pop a couple of the bubbles.  Fun, fun, fun!!
This was the book of the day because it gives the kids a lot of things to do.Clap your hands, stomp your feet, shake your arms, then take a seat. Close your eyes and count to four  Now do a somersault across the floor. ( This following is Sammy showing them how it is done

 Brooklyn gives it a try
Spread your feet, look upside down
 Make a silly face

 and act like a clown

 Hop like a bunny, flap like a bird.  Quiet as a mouse, now. . . Don't say a word!
 Everyone sat down to the table and out came the play dough to roll, and shape, and make some of the alphabet
 or a green snow man
 Brooklyn puts this cute puzzle together
while they others are cutting out their letters.
Still, another day at Granjan's preschool where we learn by having fun!!

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