Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday August 16 2012

After our morning routine of the pledge to the flag, our calendar, and weather, we decided we would like so sing some songs and so I got out some of the little instruments and each child got to use them.  We had a flute, a tamborine, miracas, a drum and some jingle bells. 

 I am not quite sure which was the favorite, so you will have to ask the kids
 I know the boys were swayed toward the loudest, which was the flute and the noise maker
 Then it was time to settle down and since we use a lot of glue during the school year, we learned how to make small dots of glue and this was done by using the black dots on a paper.  First came the dot of glue,
 next, they took little pieces of tissue paper and crumpled them and placed them on the dots and it looked like little butterflies landed on the pape
 The next activity was introducing the children to a pair of scissors and this wavy line worksheet  to help them get used to cutting
 Of course each child wanted pictures of their papers and creativity

 And they took a picture of me, too!
 The morning passed quickly with just these little projects and then the alarm was signaled that it was snack time, and sure enough, it was.  So we headed to snacks and then to play in the basement.  The girls got out the make up and experimented with just about every kind of eye and lip and cheek color and taste.
 The boys of course, settled down to making houses out of the lincoln logs. 
 Our little movie stars!!
 The eye shadow matches her necklace
 Learning how to make a line behind a line leader!!
this one did not get finished before we went for snacks and  playtime and he did not let me forget to snap his little creation.  Hey, that is what it is all about!!
Another fun day at preschool and closed out by playing a quick game of number bingo.  I can't remember if we actually had a winner, but they all had a hand full of skittles that acted as our markers, so they went away happy.  Until next time  . . . . . .  ..

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