Thursday, March 6, 2014

More "W's"

Tuesday, the kids did not get to put all of the transportation puzzles together, so that was the first thing that they did this morning.

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These blue lines and curves are from the book writing without tears.  There are 8 big lines, 6 small lines, 6 large curves, and 6 small curves.  With these the children are able to combine lines and curves to make letters.   Here Hyrum has made an "A" with two long lines and one small line
 Here Janaye has made an upper case "B"
Lily and Sammy made the upper case "B" and lower case "b"
 Janaye made the "w"
Sammy made S for Sammy
 Janaye made this big straight line and small curved lines to make her "J"
 Hyrum made two long lines and a small line together to make his "H"
When we had snack time there was a debate as to who would play with this rocket first.  It was a prize for Sam when he went to the dentist this morning.  This kind of thing should be left at home or in your car, as we don't have enough time to eat our snacks and play. Sam was good to share,however.
 When asked what they wanted to do next, they replied "go for a walk", so we did We watched for things that sound like the names of the kids.  Hyrum discovered that a house has the ha ha Hyrum sound.

Lily found that lemons sound like la la Lily

 There is a magnet on the back so they can put this on the fridge to tell what kind of day it will be
 And a brad that attaches an arrow to show us

What do we wear for the different seasons?

 Good book
 last page of book

It was interesting to listen to the kids telling about the weather and what they liked the best.  In Arizona we don't see many changes, but the rain was a hit with the kids this past weekend!
Another interesting day in the lives of these little kids!!


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