Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lettter K

The kids all got here about the same time today and were greeted with this: My St. Patrick's Day trees with their shamrocks, green top hats  and Irish Mouse
 I added the colored eggs, but they won't be needed until after Spring Break next week.  I enjoy decorating the trees and the kids get a kick out of checking them out.

Once again, another show and tell day
 Janaye had to tell about her owie on her arm and the purple bracelet

We usually combine the letters "Q" and "K"  Queen and King and so since we worked with the letter "Q" on Tuesday, today was a day of letter "K k".  I made this one so they could see the difference in the upper case and lower case  and to see how the sticks were used.
 Hyrum had his done quickly
 Sam worked his magic
 Joey finished his
 Lily loves to put lots of glue on things, and these sticks should stay on a long time
 Janaye works slowly and accurately
Remember I said yesterday to watch for this worksheet??  Well,today the kiddoes circled the things beginning with the ka, ka, "k" sound.  kettle, kite, kiss, key, and kangaroo

 Janaye chose blue green coloring pencil
 And we had this little kite picture divided into four and two of them were upper and lower case "k"
We talked about kalidascopes kittens, kayaks, and other "k" words
Then I got out the kaleidoscopes and they each oohed and aahed about the designs they saw with just a twist of their wrist.
We played a game of bingo using conversational hearts as markers (which of course they ate)
and we listened to these books
Princess and the Pea  (The King and Queen were looking for a wife for their son the prince.)
 Kangaroo Kazoo  (we made kazoos with a comb and waxed paper, and had our own little band)

Each of the kiddoes were given a kite--in hopes that their dads will help them get them up "in the air" over the spring break!  There is never a dull minute in a class room with three year olds!!  Maybe we all need a "break".  I hope they have a good one. . . . .


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