Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter W worms, wind, weather

We had a very windy, rainy weekend and since we are learning the letter "W" we were able to use that letter to talk about the wind and weather.
We are still having trouble with our  cutting abilities, so this worksheet has the movements and lines of letter W and we proceeded to cut .  I usually have them cut the sheet across in smaller pieces so it is easier to handle in their little hands and the first cut was the straight line.
 Sammy moved right along
 Lily, however, likes to cut or snip smaller pieces and sort of gets "sidetracked"
This paper shows several watches. 

 these circles, which had different "w" pictures" were to be pasted on the watches. There was a watermelon slice, a worm, a walrus, a whale and an ant  one of the circles did not get pasted to the watch
 Then they were to color the pictures
The girls were moving a little slow this morning so I took the boys into the kitchen to show them what happens to worms when you put them into the water
 This is what they look like before they are placed in the water bath
 We added some of others to how the difference in size.  Then each tried to get one of the bigger ones out of the dish.  They were like jello, soft and sort of slimey. Ooh, sort of gross!
The little ones were getting restless, so we took this time to "show and tell"  First up was the batman
 Next we found this flower headband
 Of course there were cars
 A princess ball
 AND this police cruiser
When we came back from snack time, the kids wanted to make a "W"
 We listened to books about the wind and then each was given a pinwheel to blow on so they could see what the wind does  This was the fable about the wind and the sun and who could get the man to take off his coat--the sun won


Then we read this book
Another fun day in Preschool!

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