Thursday, March 1, 2012

K & Q week

Well, here we are the first day of March. A good time to be doing the K theme because there has been a lot of wind this week and today two of the boys earned kites. This first picture shows Jack and Rockwell working on part of the paper work I feel they need to be doing, to write and recognize the letters of the alphabet. The kids are all doing very well at completing their papers; some need a little more help than the others, but they have come a long way since August. We are working a little more closely on how they are holding their pencils so they feel comfortable.

Tuesday we made kites and we are always working on numbers and alphabet recognition

Oakley loves to put puzzles together and here he is with a new one. We try to keep them working on more advanced ones as they master the shapes, colors and wording.

Here is Devin with his purple kite
Outside we went so they could run through the yard and up the driveway, getting the kites to fly above their heads. The day was windy, so it was pretty easy

Thursday we worked with the letter Q. They were to put upper case Q and lower case q around the outside edges. Then they were to color the question mark, and then write little question marks around the colored one. Why?, you ask. Well, one of the things we are working on is following instructions and learning to be creative. Many colors were used for this project and those papers are hanging on the preschool wall for you to see.
Oakley was the first to finish the project--he is learning to focus and so He really deserved this one--a kaliedoscope.
His completed project!
Jack completed his second, which was interesting because he was a little late in getting started, and yet he focused and completed it in good time. He too got a kaliedoscope

We had a little problem earning the last two awards, and when I asked them to tidy up the room, they were amazingly good at it and this is the finished project. Now all I need to do is wipe of tables and vacuum--they used the hand held sweeper, but by Thursday it needs a little more than that. Aah! Another week and two more letters Q and K

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