Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week ending 23 February letter "W"

This week we learned the letter "W" for watermelon. We read this book Worm's Wagon and just how many friends he had with associated words beginning with W. Maybe your kids can tell you the story.

We talked about the weather and made these charts for them to tell the family what kind of a day to expect. Hope your's gets used

Jack is really improving with his focus, cutting and quiet skills.

Devin is showing us how good he is getting at cutting
Jack likes the color orange

Oakley shows off his completed weather chart
We went outside to figure out what kind of weather we are having today. Yes, there were clouds in the sky but they were the white "friendly" ones. So we decided it was a "sunny" day.
The boys wanted to make the human "W" so the next two pictures shows them as a "W"

Playtime is always fun, though it gets a little loud and messy!

Two new toys are getting well used--the batman cave with action figures and the barn!!
All in all we had another good week. The kids are getting better at recognizing their letters and numbers. They are getting along well for the most part and we are concentrating on keeping the noise level down.

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