Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring and Letter X week

INTRO DUCING!!!! My three X's The boys made human X today and did not believe they could do it all by themselves, without each other!! Yah!!

The black x with cross bones Xray!!
Here's one head shot!!
Here's a head shot!!
I joked he looked like he was cross eyed looking at the curves
Our task is to see if we can follow the dots and stay on the path. Harder than they thought
We are patterning the colors. Repeating the colors as they are placed on the bucket. Sometimes I have to wonder if they actually know the colors, but they really did a good job today
They know the a b c's forward and backward
It isn't hard going from A to Z, right?
What did you say RED spelled?? Let me see, green?? We are working on reading the colors and identifying them by sight.
Not only do we want to be able to read the names of the colors, but are practicing , slowly, to keep inside the lines. We are now timing the project so we can learn how to FOCUS!!
Our first day and there were a lot of points given out today for working slow and sure. They like the rewards at the end of the month!! And X ray fish did get his birthday wish!! Ask them what it was?????

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