Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week of March 26th. 2012

I had hoped to be finished with all the letters of the alphabet this week, but last week we had one boy out on Tuesday and the other out on Thursday and again this week sickness in the class, so we are moving along a little slower so these boys can catch up. So with that said, we are now finished with the letter Y. This activity features Yolanda Yellow. I have used her for a long time-since 2007 and got her here: . she still exists

She does take a few minutes to do so the boys got right down to it and did a good job

We are still working on recognition of letter and numbers On this worksheet , they circled the alphabet letters and put an x on the numbers. It is hard for some to remember what is a letter and what is a number.
Isn't it good to see correct writing form?? Just another of those things we work on.

On Tuesday we worked on this "Y", which as you can see is a yak. They had fun putting on the hair of the chinney chin chin and the little horns on the top of the "Y" You can find out where this is found on my pinterest site I love trying new ways to present the letters!

Of course the boys had to make the "human letters" Can you make out the "Y"
Legs form the top and arms the bottom in this one
Then the arms the top and the legs the bottom
And when they went to the basement to play they wanted to play "village" and got out all of the little tents and went a little crazy, but had lots of fun
We cut the pool noodle in half and this blue one was used for a marble run Another fun activity

So, we are at the end of another week and they seemed to enjoy the time together and are continuing to learn what they need to know to enter kindergarten in the fall. Stay tuned for next weeks activities.

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