Monday, February 17, 2014

"Letter "V" Valentines

This week we worked on the letter "V" because it was the week of Valentine's Day and it was more appropriate to use a letter that would go along with that theme.  The children were to cut the pictures out on the dotted lines, then paste them on the V.  I also gave them some valentine stickers, after I showed them the one that I made as an example.

I had them lay on the floor and two of them made the letter V
They always like to make the letters, so this time I beat them to the punch, so to speak, and I got to ask them to do this
Then we worked on our small motor skills by spooning, one by one, the heart shaped stones from one dish to another. 
They were to color and then count the valentines on this paper
 Janaye made some for herself.

Then, of course, the highlight of any day was "Show and Tell"  Hyrum had a super hero mask and cape

 The hit of the day was Lily's computer.  Everyone had to have it for a few minutes!
 And Sam has been learning how to bounce a ball, so he showed all of us how it is done.  Of course, the others had to try their luck at it, too.
 Then the last thing of the day, we always like to hear stories or have songs, or finger plays.                              

 There was an old woman who swallowed a spider, is always a favorite.  Then we read a  Valentines book
 And our letter book Vam the vampire and the many "v" words, including violets, vase and vest
 On Thursday we had some activities, including this dice rolling game.  I encourage the use of dice, because it is a standard  forming of the dots to indicate a number.  for instance, a five is two dots in the first line, then one dot, then the third line is two more dots=five.  Or, in this grouping, the first line is a dot and to the right on the second line is another dot-two.  This way they will automatically associate the number with the grouping.
I wrote an upper case and lower case letter on the bottom of each kiss.  Each child had a turn.  He or she was to look at the letter and if they could tell me the letter, the kiss was theirs.  Each one was able to get at least two of the kisses and were happy about that, AND they are learning to recognize their letters.

 We patterned these conversation hearts on these pages.  The hearts were placed in a bowl in the center of the table.  Each child did very well, once they saw that if they placed them first on the colored pattern and then moved them over to the black and white hearts.
 And a few just happened to slip into their mouths
We showed the children how to say I love you, in sign language
 and then they each tried it.  For some, it was very easy, but others had a little trouble
 Then we finished our Valentine bags and each child that had brought something for their friends, was able to put them into the bags.
 This is Hyrum with the valentine he made for his mother.
 And then, of course, more books

 The Day it Rained Hearts
We always encourage the children to open any Valentines, prizes, etc when they get home.  I have found that sometimes there is some disappointments and it is better those comments are not made before the "crowd". Well, another good day in preschool. 

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