Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter "N" newts, nest, numbers

The morning almost always starts with putting puzzles together and that is what happened this morning.  They are really getting good .  Our letter being "N" this week I wanted to see if they could pick out all of them on the bird nest.

 Sammy found them
 Lily found them
 And Janaye found them
Then I put the bird nest into the middle of the table and we discussed the materials that this bird used to make the nest.  I then gave each a little baggie and we went walking down the street to see if we could find some things to add to our nests.  There is a big pine tree across the street and lots of the pine needles on the ground and in the gutter.  We picked up some of the fallen leaves from the Mulberry tree and a few other things were also put into their bags.
I gave each one of the children a nest and they were "feathering" the nests with the materials that they collected.  Here, Hyrum is cutting the pine needles to fit into his nest (a little paste was placed inside too, to attach them

Sam shows how it is done
Janaye finishes her nest including making little eggs from playdough
 And this is the type of "feathering" that they added to their nests

 Periodically I take out the box with various characters, shapes, etc.  Included in these are many of the disney characters and it is fun to listen to them talk about movies, music, etc along with naming the items.
For instance you see two bears-Bother Bear; Prince Charming, Eeyore, characters from Lion King, zoo animals, fabric and shapes.  We made the letter sounds and names and this is valuable in many ways.
This activity is about Nan and shows the things she does-Nan lifts, Nan cuts, Nan digs.  They were to cut out the strips   I read the strips to them and they were to locate the correct picture.  The cutting still needs improvement, but they were able to tell what Nan was doing.
 Show and tell is a big thing for these kids.  Joey shows and tells about his letter S and how it glows when you shine a light on it

 Lily brought her Minnie Mouse
We read this book
 And this book helps us to love everyone and treat them kind so they know that they are lovable
Friends are forever and when one of the kids doesn't come to prek we miss them. 
What a day!!  I hope the nests, eggs and birds made it home safely. . . . .

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