Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letter "N", Noah, numbers

I usually do not give a printed picture to the kids to color, but the past couple of weeks we have been talking about rainbows in connections with the Noah story in the Bible.  So this picture covers the rainbow, the ark and Noah along with the animals
 It is amazing the colors they use

  Sammy is getting his animals and rainbow colored nicely

then we had to get our items for our show and tell.  Here Hyrum is showing us his new "birthday scooter" that folds up and lays flat for easy carrying.  It is a great scooter.
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 Sammy shows us the Dalmation puppy that he got for Christmas.
 And Joey shows us his little red wagon, which also carries the puppy!!

Each of the children were given a card with two circles on it.  Each circle had a number of dots on them.  They were to count the dots and place the right amount of markers on each card.  Then they were to go to the wall and take the correct numbers from the caterpiller and place them next to their card.  Her Joey has 1 dot and three dots and the right numbers
 Hyrum has a card with four dots and the purple number 4 card
 Sam has six dots and five dots and the correct cards   and the round numbers were placed in order behind the caterpiller head  which is on our south wall.  They placed them all correctly and then we jumped over on the wall to recite our vowels--I think they know them very well now.  And then on to guessing which letter of the alphabet I held up for them.  It is going great!!
Then we took those same markers (pink hearts and blue stones)
 We used the same stones with MINE cards.  They rolled a dice and if that number was on the card, they put a marker to cover the number.  The first to fill their card was the winner--but we fill everyone's cards so that they can all win by telling the numbers on their cards.

 Lily did too

 Joeys card is full and he waits and watches as the otheres fill their cards
 Then there was story time and this classic on Noises from the Golden Book  and now we know some of the city sounds and the sounds that are heard on the farm.
And this Scholastic book  Mr. Noisy at the Dude Ranch
And we ended the day to see who could ring the number called out by a classmate or a teacher.  As you can see, they love this game and all did very well at circling their numbers.

 We all had a good day and used new things--heart shaped stones and blue clear stones--a new dice game
and coloring pages.  It is great watching them grow and learn.  PreK is great!!

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