Tuesday, December 3, 2013

letter "F" fish, ferret, flute

While we were waiting for the kids to all get here, we grouped up and put some puzzles together.  This is one of their favorite activities.
Then Lily let us in the pledge, Hyrum helped with the calendar and then we settled down reciting the letters of the alphabet that we have already learn and added the letter "F f".  This letter is a little harder to say but they caught on quicklyThe natives were a little restless so we had our show and tell first, with Joey showing his blue "truck" and Sammy showing his Darth Vader

Then we started to work on The Rainbow Fish  I read the book and emphasized how good we feel when we are sharing.

Their fish turned out very nice and each child had a glittering "Rainbow Fish"
We matched the picture and its shadow

 We circled the smallest in a group of objects

And then we showed which was the first and which was last
Then we took a break  and had our snacks and then play time
And when we came back, I read them the book 

The Christmas Train, a story about Thomas S. Monson and his gift one year for Christmas and the  warm feelings he got in sharing cars from his train.
Then we got out all of our fish, the fishing poles,and each one got a try at catching the fish
 Sam caught his six
 Hyrum liked turning the reel and letting the line out
 Lily caught some, too
Miss JoDee sang Once there was a snowman and Snow is falling all around and Five little frogs.
Then she read Fifi Ferret's Flute  and each of the children was given a flute to blow when they hear the letter "f" words

 The Icky Sticky Frog was a good book to hear lots of "F" words, such as frog, fly, butterfly, fish

We ended by Following Instructions--walking backward, twirling, laying down, standing up, shaking hands and raising our arms
We had lots of fun and are remembering the sounds and names of our letters.
Another good day!!

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