Thursday, December 5, 2013

flags, farm, frogs letter "F"

Oh, what a fun day!! Each child was given a small flag and they were to hold it with their left hand and pledge with the right.  They thought that was great!!
We are going over the letters we have used so far this year and working on the sounds that they make.
 We worked on cutting out squares with pictures on them.  They were to be attached to the saying on the page.  The fat as a pig and they placed the pig to the left.

 Then Hyrum presented his show and tell
 I thought that it would be fun to try out a "sticky" board and We put the phrase A fish swims in the water up for the kids to learn to recognize the words.  Through out the day we mixed the words up a number of times to see if they could remember where they went.  It helped that their alphabet letters were right about it so they could look for the letter it started with.  Sam did very well
 Lily showed us her back pack for her show and tell and was able to put the paper we were working on away so she could take it home.
 This was Janaye's show and tell
 Then we worked on word recognition and today was "the" and in.  They were to get the fish from the left corner to the water on the right corner.  Joey did very well, as you can see
 Hyrum and Lily worked hard to get it done
 They then traced the letter "F" and the fish. 
 Hyrum also wanted to color his fish, but since we use the dry erase pens, his pressure does cause some concern
 Look at the good positioning of Lily's pencil
 And Janaye's as well
 We went for our snack and while they had their snacks, they were able to put the number and color of fruit loops that was written on the fish in the fish bowl.

 Play time is always fun for them and we are concentrating on "sharing" and teaching each other
 The last part of the day was given to reading  They love reading time 
 Back again to our sticky board
We played marching music and they marched through the house carrying their flags.  They love to march!

Where is my hat has about six pages.  This book is very easy and about this time of year we start memorizing short books.  Word association works!!
One Fish, Two fish is a little long, so we only read half of it

The kids tried to get the frogs into the pond and could play it forever.  
Another day at the PreK and fun was had by all!!

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