Tuesday, December 10, 2013

E elf

It was a chilly day for Arizona preK children  Here is Janae with hat, scarf and warm jacket

And Lily with her jacket, carrying her back pack  We don't get many cold days, but with the wind blowing, today is a chilly one!!

We started the day with a cutting exercise.  This was quite a bit harder than others we have done, but they tried their best.

 The main thing is that they are learning the correct procedure in holding the scissors and cutting
This week we are learning the letter "E" and they pasted little elves on the template, colored the elf who is peeking from behind the letter.  The upper and lower case letters are also on the page and the word elf.  I encouraged them to use red and green for this months colors, but some had minds of their own

We played Elf Bingo with the letters we have learned so far plus the numbers from 1-5
Then we used push pins to make this angel picture and we will finish this on Thursday as it was very time consuming for this age child
Miss Jo read and they showed us how to make snow angels
 We found where Sam was hiding (we have  a Sam in the class so he thought that was great!)
 And we counted the ornaments on the Mouse Christmas Tree

Each was given an ornament for their tree with their own faces on the little elf costume.  Now they can hang this on the tree and see what they looked like in December, 2013
Time always gets away from us when we are having fun and it was another great day at GranJan's

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