Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Outside fun, gardens, bubbles, twister and sight words

This was a really fun filled, eventful day.  When we all got together and walked through our daily exercises, I rounded up the kiddoes and gave each one something to take with us.  I carried out the jeans blanket and Sammy got it all spread out for us to sit on.

  Then we put down the buckets, etc and made our way over to the garden  In this section of the garden are our tomato plants  and cucumbers

 In this section of the garden  are the zuccini plants
 And the kids discovered these little tags that tell us just what is planted where.
Then we came back to the quilt and sat in the shade and talked about building a garden and the things we will need.  First, a shovel,to turn over the ground; then a rake to help pull out the weeds; then we needed to level out the beds so that the water would cover all of the bed and not just certain areas.  Then they told me that they would not only need water, but fertilizer, the sun and certain kinds of bugs that would help keep the bad bugs out.  They also told me that it was important to have earthworms to put air into the ground.  Parents, you are teaching your children well!
I found a little game that I thought that they would have fun with On each side there was a word-hop, fly, run, slither.  They told me the things that do the particular and the hopped allover the yard, ran, and pretended that they could fly.
Then I had them take the two buckets, paced them about five feet apart and gave them each a bean bag.  There were three kiddoes  on each team and they tried to get the bean bags into the buckets.  They had a fun time with that.Our final activity outside was a bubble blowing contest .  Brigham got one to go the highest, Cooper and Avery made big ones then caught it on their blower,

We came inside because someone decided that they needed a snack.  So as they washed their hands, I prepared drinks, carrots and dip and goldfish and , of course, some punch. Today I used clear plastic cups for the punch and they told me that they could see through the cups, but not if there was punch in it.  Then we talked about other things that are clear, that we could see through, such as, windows, glass, etc.

Then we went into the preschool room and Ivy and Brooklyn explained how to play the game of "Twister" and how much fun it is to play

 Then we teamed them up to play "TWISTER and they found that it was not as easy as it looked, but agreed that they would like to play again.  They especially like to spin the color board when it was not their turn on the game board.
 coordination helps in this game
Next was the paper work:  First I gave each child some bottle caps to use to cover the upper or lower case letters Brigham finished first and got them all correct, so he got first prize
Then they colored sight words different colors to practice some of the easier sight words: it, in, if  Brooklyn finished this first and was able to tell me what each word was.  So, she got a prize.

We had a full, busy day with lots of fun, and a little work.  It is great to see how they are progressing.

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