Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog, fun, fun, fun

Today we started our activities in our centers  Some of the kids did the sewing cards  We also did the stringing of the teddy bears, the wheels with clothes pins  to match to colors, shapes, and numbers
We also had the peg boards and patterned

 Today was a lesson on listening to instructions and they did very well.  We first placed the circle aside, then the wooden stick  We folded the circle first.  Then we attached these four legs.  Next the craft stick was attached to the back to create a puppet.  We then added the tongue (learning that rolling it onto a pencil would make it curled)  Then we added the eyes

 Each little frog has its on character

 Then we moved into the kitchen where I showed the kids a red cabbage, and how it looked after boiling it.
We strained the purple liquid into a bowl and divided it on to small plates  The first one we added an alka seltzer
 the second was baking soda
 the last was lemon juice
 And the very last one was vinegar

 We had our snacks and then had play time.  Two of the kiddoes had to go home early so that gave us 4 and a lot of games are for just four, so we played a memory game.
 And  a dinosaur dominoes.  We all had fun
Another fun, fun, fun day at prek- - - - -

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