Thursday, April 4, 2013

puzzles, eggs, fine motor skills and comprehension skills

While rounding up the kids for the beginning of our Pre K day, I put some of the learning activities on the table.  First there was a puzzle with the two hands.  They were to put them in order of how many fingers we have on each hand.  We sang the song Where is thumbkin", looked at the numbers on the fingers and came to the conclusion that on two hands we have ten fingers.
The alphabet puzzle was next  The hardest letters to put in correctly are "d", "p" "q" and "b" but the kids really did a good job

The perfection game was one they all wanted to finish
Then there were the transportation puzzles
Cooper liked attaching shaped wooden blocks together to make his design
We had plastic eggs that on one half is a number like 12 and on the other half are all the numbers, when added together, add up to 12. For instance 9 = 3=12, 8 =  4= 12, etc. So, we took some of our little figures and added numbers that added up to 12

When we came back to the preschool room after our break, we tested out our fine motor skills by having 4 different sizes of nuts and bolts to put together.

Then I read a story to them about Mary and Pat going to a carnival.  I have little tongue depressors with questions on them to ask the children.  It is important that they understand what they have heard and if a situation is given, they need to be able to help solve it.  These kids know how to listen and were able to answer the questions.

And then we flashed the alphabet cards and whoever got the most called out first, was given a prize.  Recognition of the alphabet letters is paramount.  Some are still struggling, but we are moving right along.

Always a lot of action going on at Pre K and a lot of excitement  Today two of the kiddoes got prizes for filling their charts--Sammie and Avery
Aaah  another week gone and not many left in this session.

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