Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jonah Jumped

Today started off with our usual opening. The kids appear to know the pledge, calendar, western states, the scripture. They started off by showing me, with their hands, some of the letters they have math. 

Since the kids were already hyper, I thought that they might like to work on a little math.  I have a drawer full of little things, bears, dinosaurs, eraser shapes, snakes, etc.  I had them take 20 of the items. First I had them put all 20 of them in one row; then I had them put 10 in each row; then we counted how many of each thing we had and when we finished we counted them to see if they added 20 items.  Then we took away a few at a time and counted the remaining  items and if there were 3 taken from 20 we surmised that there were now 17 so 17 +3 =20, and so on until we were down to just one item.  They had a lot of fun doing this and I think that I will do it again soon (especially with all these little things to count and play with,and of course they wanted to take them home---NO!)

After we worked in our books doing "J" activities and "H", we went for snacks and play time.  When we got back to the school room, we played a game of Number Bings (using skittles and m&m's for markers)
AND then we read a book about Jonah and they each made a "large" fish who swallowed Jonah.  We discussed the book and they knew who Jonah was, a prophet of God. But we could not remember the words to the song
It was another fun day at PreK at Gran Jan's   Next week we are off for spring break  See you then!!  Remember we will be working on the letter X

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