Thursday, November 29, 2012

November catch up

Sorry that I have not posted for a while, but my computer stopped reading my camera disc and so I had to have the "guys" in the family figure out what I could do and finally came up with this little devise I hook into the computer.  So, this is my first try at this since we got it.  Here's  hoping. . . .
The first of November, we talked a lot about the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving and that included the letter I, and T, and F, which included words like ice, igloo, tom tom,and frogs. The following are a few of the pictures I was able to catch:

This year we used  large oatmeal boxes, small oatmeal box and baby formula cans. Before the kids got here, I wrapped the brown construction paper on the boxes,and  wrapped rubber bands on to hold the paper When the kids got to prek they removed the rubber bands, and started to get the top fixed by cutting out a circle to fit the lid and then decorating it.  I copied a number of pictures for them from the "Native American" designs and they started their decorating.
As you can see by the above, they used wolf paw prints, stars, turkey, birds, animals clip art

Obviously, these are originals!! 
 I found these turkeys and on the back of each one I put the upper case and lower case letters that we have learned so far. They would turn one over, and if they got it correct, they would take it.  The one who had the most letters, got a reward.
Isn't this a cute little turkey??  The game worked, the challenge of who can remember the letter and where it was located.
Then for our cutting practice, we cut out boxes with the spelling of the pictures on the page.  There was a cat, a cot, a doll, gas, a log, and a glass.  These are all letters that we have learned that spell words.
They are also learning how to use a glue stick, as well as how to cut out little squares.

On Wednesday, the kids worked with me rolling out dough into a circle, then we placed the dough into an emanada press, put some pie filling in, squeezed the press shut, cut the dough from the edges, then put them on a cookie sheet, punched a few holes into the crust with a fork, and put them into the oven. Hmmm.  In 20 minutes they came out of the oven and after a few minutes we brushed a glazed on them and they cooled. While I worked with one child at a time, the others had a triangle turkey who needed its feathers colored and pasted on to its body.  Then they filled in the spaces with the real feathers of many colors.

This brings us to today.  Our letter was "F" and  they were first given some fruit loops and needed to place the fruit loops on to the proper colors on this worksheet.  When they had done that, we counted each color and wrote the number beside it.  Then, of course, they got to gobble up the fruit loops.

Then we read a book about frogs, and the kids were each given  the cycle of a frog, from egg to tadpole

, to tadpole with legs, froglet and adult.
There was some discussion about how different each of them did things, so I pulled out this little book about differences.  We took the time to talk about our differences, our likes, dislikes, the way we look, dress, and other ways we are different.  Another "teaching moment" instead of an argument.
We had our snacks, and headed to the playroom, where at least one child has to be be in a costume to scare the others and get everyone running around before they settle down with a village, houses, circus, etc.
 I put on the white siberian tiger costume
 Then back up to the school room and Show and Tell  Here C tells about his Mario folder
 A shows how pleased she is listening to C
 I has an otter to show
B has one of his dads old phones, which he "loves"

It was a good day and B and S both got to pick from the "prize" box today and that made them happy.  They are obeying the rules, getting their work done, and showing good citizenship.  Gosh, it is fun being a PreK teacher.

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