Thursday, December 13, 2012

Letter "E" activities

We talked about Karina who is our "caring" character and that the months of November and December are the time of year that we especially care about each other, our family members and others who need us to care for them and about them.
It is December and as we finish this month, we will have five months of school   The kids just get used to saying 2012 and it will be 2013.
One of my favorite scriptures and now most of the children have it memorized and when we slip and forget to recite it, they are there to let me know.  With December is celebrated by the Birth of our Savior, I am happy to know that this is memorized and hope that it will be an active scripture in their lives.

This week we talked about the letter "E" and they were given this cute elephant to color.  Brig and Ivy were the champions of the coloring today.  This little guy also had the letters that we have learned so far -A,C,D,E,F,G,I,L, O, S, T and as I called  letter out they used bottle cap circles to show they knew just where that letter was located. 
What has become the kids favorite game is the crawl through.  One climbs into the tube, stands up, and walks around scaring the others.  Lots of squealing.

Another favorite this is show and tell and they always "love" their item and it is always their
 "favorite" thing

The Enormous Elephant Show was the book of the Day
Salt tracing is also an activity they enjoy

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