Saturday, November 3, 2012

We are now into November and three months are now gone.  We will just be used to saying the year as 2012 and it will change to 2013
Thursday was kind of laid back, but I wanted to be sure that the kids know the safety rules, in the event of an accident, of fire.  It seemed to frighten a couple of the kids, but they did have fun when I had them crawl through the house on their hands and knees.  We went out to the front of the lawn next to the neighbors house which is where the kids would go if there was an emergency.
We called 911 and some of the kids got to be the caller and some the operator.  they stated the emergency and were given instructions of what they should do  We also read some safety cards and figured out what we should do if /. . . . . . You might want to quiz your kids 
                     Crawled out front door

The kids are always anxious for their show and tell day and B brought her glow in the dark butterfly, which we had to see how it worked We went into the dark room and had a real glow in the dark experience

 A showed us her new tooth brush and told us about her Dad's experience at the dentist
 There are many ways to play matching games and I have this game board that uses cards.  They had a good time trying to match spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

 B brought his whirring whistle and it was fun to listen to the first few times, but alas it got annoying to all of us and had to be put away until time to go home

 I am trying to teach them that a lollipop lasts much longer if you suck on it instead of chewing on it.  Well, it wasn't long before we heard crunching and the fingers began to point.

We also talked about the practical reason that there is paper on a lollipop.  I showed them how to turn the top to expose the lollipop, then turn it down to the stick.  Then if they get tired of it and want to save it for later, the paper can be pulled up, twisted, and saved without all that sticky candy to worry about.
We liked this book because it taught us that we need to stay near our parents when we go to the mall or other shopping store.  They were asked to hold hands, but Papa bear said he did not need to.  Guess what?? Papa bear got lost, but Mama knew just where to find him

These are our new sight words   Please go over them with your kids

 The states we are learning are Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and of course my home state Pennsylvania

Another week finished and a good week at prek.

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