Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last full week of school year 2011-2012

This was our last week of preschool for the 2011- 2012 school year and we found these color cards from .  This is a wonderful way to get the spellings associated with the colors.

 These cards came from and can be used for many things.  The first way we used them was placing the number of items on the card that was written.  In this case the boys found acrab, a snake, a couple of lizars and a dinosaur. Total-6
 We once again used a patterning worksheet from McMillen and I think the boys have patterning down pat.
 This is the Alphabet book we used this year and we had a couple of pages left to finish, so we took the time to do that in class on Tuesday
Add Our last time to play in the playroom
 Jack's favorite thing was to race the cars down the mountain.
Everyone had a turn at spelling on the color cards
 The next activity we did with the number cards was to use play dough and make the specified letter.  They really got into this activity as you can imagine. 

Each boy just HAD to have his picture taken with his successful number.
 Various colors and various methods of making a play dough number.
 Even blue and quite large, at that

We rolled the cubes and acted out what the cube said.   One was to roar like a tiger
 One was to fly like an airplane
 Today I wrote letters on the paper with white crayon and the boys painted with thin water colors, to find the magic letters.  I found this on  It was interesting watching the boys see how to find their letters.Can you see the letter "P"
 Can yu see the upper case and lower case "O"
 Unusual black "D"
 And somehow the rest of the R was never found
 Fun Thursday with costumes, crowns, and action!
 And last but not least, their climb up the stairs from the play room.  Just like their climb up the educational stairs of preschool.  Well, I hope they learned the things they will need for Kindergarten, as all four of these boys will move on this fall.

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