Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 The 22nd was Earth Day and so we spent this week doing things that pertained to the earth.  On Monday we talked about the creation of the earth and each day what was created.  We went out in the neighborhood and picked up trash (litter) to keep our area nice and clean.
 Here are the bags that we used to pick up the litter.  After we went through them and discussed the items and how they could be harmful to the environment and wild life.
 This is a booklet distributed a few years ago by Bashas to help the children learn what things they need to put into the recycle bins
 We are also working on recycling plastic eggs.  This time we used them to put the sight words so that as each one is opened the kids can figure out what the word is.   We also had some that we used for addition and for upper and lower case alphabet letters.

 Above all the other things that are in the playroom down stairs, these costumes are the favorites with these kids. We have the tiger, the alligator and the dog.  And some even like to slide down the stairs in these costumes.  Well, as long as they are having fun, right??

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