Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday April 26, 2012

These boys were afraid of all the lightning and thunder that was goin on and so they sat very close to each other and to me for the snacks today 

 This is the street in front of our house
 And the bushes next door blowing in the wind
 The missionaries came to save the day, but they could not come in without a priesthood holder in the family, so the boys and I joined them on the porch and gave them a snack of pretzels and water.
There was a demonstration of how to make clouds.  I boiled water in a pan with a lid on it.  The steam rose to make the clouds  We moved it off the heat, lifted the lid and the water dripped from the lid causing our rain.  This was a demonstration of what certain clouds looked like.  Another good preschool week!!

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