Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter activities in preschool 4-5-2012

Well another day gone, and full of excitement. Here is one of our little bunnies Bunny number two
Just to show he is a bunny hopping down the bunny trail
bunny number three colorful one at that
And bunny number four

We had a jellybean activity. Each boy had a different amount of each color but one thing seemed to stay the same, there was only one white one in each batch. No, we did not eat them today, that will come another day, I think.
After their snack time, they were all through the house looking for plastic eggs. Funny no matter how many times they do this, they always love doing the egg hunt!!
Another one on the prowl
Look what I found!!
now starts the bunny charades What will this bunny be asked to do??
walk like a turtle!
What is inside the egg--three letter words describe them. One is a bed, one a pig, lots of fun!
I'm ready for the day to end where are the jelly beans?
How many eggs did you find??
are these crawling snakes, or wiggley worms?
What's up doc??
The end to another day!! Lots of fun activities. Some learning activities, and some goodies to have for the holidays. What a day!!

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