Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More end of year pictures

The penguin plays the tune "If you are Happy and you know it" and the kids love singing along with it

 The kids got out the scrabble tiles and when I called out a letter they would find that letter and put it in a line.  Of course, some letters had more than one, so they had a good time finding them
 For show and tell,Janaye brought her binoculars and they all thought they were great!!
 Lily brought her hello kitty book and kindly let me copy pages so they could all color and decorate them.
I got out eh cookie cuttters and the kids got to work with the play dough.

Sam was our only graduate, going into kindergarten, this fall and he got to wear the "grad" glasses

 Cute little guy, huh??
 Other children completed a year in GranJan's preschool.  This is Hyrum, his daddy and sister
 Our little class--that's me in the back row!!
Thanks to all the parents for letting me teach your kids this year of 2013-2014

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