Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of year activities



  I'm sorry but I have had a virus that has affected my computer, and I have been unable to post the last few weeks of preschool, so I am hoping that you will forgive, but enjoy the last pictures of this class being together for 2013-2014.
We worked on this sheet that asked that we draw a circle around the numbers and put an x on the letters. 
 We put circles of various colors on the letter "C" caterpillar.

 We got to choose from the bucket any objects that we wanted to put on the next paper
 These cards were put into order for small medium and large
 When the cards were turned over they looked like this
 The children made the wrapping for their Mother's Day presents
They copied some of these messages, or made up their own for their cards
My friend gave our preschool these boxes to play with and the kids have had a all with them and know the shapes and how to use them in building

 Another game of number bingo
 Janaye and her Mom
 Hyrum and his Dad
 Lily holds her Mommy's gift
 Sam shows his package

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